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1)): commute/sort/fire/shift/share/qualifications/field
2))fast/like/good/regar/ job/ run
3)) 1-do some difficult things / 2-he tell me that he had been playing with the computer / 3-some money to have a good trip / 4-buy a sandwich / 5-buy salt for dinner / 6- / 7-have to do extra hours / 8-have the same part
4)) 1-Free samples are being offered to customers ,, Customers are being offered free samples / 2- In my opinion she should give another chance,, In my opinion another chance should be given to her / 3- The employees have been given a longer holiday,,A longer holiday has been given to the employees / 4-His ideas were said to be useless,,It was said that his ideas were useless.
5)) was fired/ get checked / will be given / / is being interviwed / is belived
6)) Our lunch wasn't delivered on time / My father get hired at his job yesterday / We are getting our house painted today / /

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