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Once upon a time in a city named “Billwood”, there was a hedgehog named Timmy. Hehad grown up in the bad part of the city and was classed as the future leader of the infamous gang “The boy wonders”. The gang had been robbing and controlling the city for generations, all the way back to Stevie Bonder who started it in 1890.

The gang nearly had full control of the city, the only thing they needed to do was kill the mayor of the city who was a wild cat name Bobby Smith. The gang’s leader a bear named Boris had planned out a hit on the mayor, he was planning on chucking one of his best men off a plane, on a shark while he was wearing dynamite. Timmy knew that was a crap plan and told Boris that he had come up with a better idea, he planned on dating the mayor’s beautiful kitten daughter Samantha Smith and then he could kill Bobby when he got close to him. Boris agreed and told Timmy to get right on it.

The next day Timmy went to the nicest coffee shop in Billwood dressed in a tuxedo, he saw Samantha and pretended to trip and fall next to her onto his coffee. Samantha was such a nice girl that she helped him up and asked him if he needed anything, they spoke a bit and then he left. The next day he went in all upset looking and saw her at a table. He asked her if he could sit down because he needed someone to talk to, he told her some sob story he was making up as he was going. These little chats went on for a week and they both got on very well, the last day Timmy asked her out for dinner (no one could say no to Timmy. With his blue eyes, nice jawline and cute glasses, plus he was quite fit).

They went on 3 dates and they connected more each time, Samantha was a stunning girl with a bubbly personality, and no one could make someone laugh the way Timmy could. On a Wednesday, After the 5th date, while Timmy was

walking home, a problem occurred. Timmy had feelings for Samantha, what was terrible for the plan. He quickly ran back to base and told Boris everything, Boris was furious at him and told him that the plan had to go on or they would have to get rid of Timmy plus the Smith’s.

Thursday morning Timmy woke up trying to avoid his feelings and met up with Samantha, he acted normal and at the end of the night Samantha asked him if he wanted to have a roast dinner with her and her parents at the family estate on Sunday. Timmy agreed and walked home thinking of what he could do.

Sunday morning. Timmy woke up, had a shower, put his tuxedo on and went to Samantha’s flat early. He acted normal and when she was ready they drove to the family estate getting through a lot of traffic because there were so many fire trucks trying to get pass, when they got there they knocked on the door and 2 huge security guards opened the doors. Timmy met Samantha’s parents, Bobby and Rebecca Smith, and they had a lovely meal together all joking and having a good laugh all together. They left the house and went home, Timmy stayed over for the first time in a month and a half. One year later Timmy and Samantha got married and a year later, had their first child of what turned out to be 6 in the end. Timmy became mayor of Billwood after Bobby Smith and Samantha became a super model who loved to travel the world. They lived happily ever after and died years and years and years after rocking in their rocking chairs.

Oh, and I’m guessing you are wondering what happened to the gang. Well Timmy woke up on that Sunday morning, had a shower and put his tuxedo like I said earlier. He drove to the gang hideout like a normal day and took his boss a nice coffee from the nicest coffee shop in Billwood, then waited for the drug he put in the coffee to kick in on Boris, it would just kill him in a nice painless way. He then ordered as new leader of the gang a huge meeting where everyone had to turn up, he went into the back room and set the dynamite, that Boris was going to use, to 15 minutes. He then left and went to pick his beautiful girlfriend. While they were driving to familyestate, the dynamite went off and killed the whole gang. That’s why there was traffic and that’s why nothing happened to Timmy and the Smith’s when Bobby wasn’t assassinated. But please stick with the nice ending and forget about this gruesome ending.

The End

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