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Dear Cristina.How did You enjoy your summer holidays? I have to say, I had the greatest time that I have ever had! As You know, I went on a road trip with a couple of friends from high school, Sergio and Lucia. They are so funny, we laughed all the way from home to the First tourist inn, which was seven hours away. Because they both play in the Same orchestra, they know the best jokes about musicians. Sergio  is also a marvellous driver. Since he was the Only one who knew how to drive, we had to stop to have A  rest every three hours. But he Never complained, not a word! He’s very kind. Lucia  Doesn’t drive, but shewas our chef. She Prepared almost all of our meals, except  Three times when we could afford to eat at a restaurant. But, I have to Say, her cuisine was a lot better than the one At the restaurants! We wanted to improvise our trip, so we left home with no idea of where we  went To. Instead of choosing cities, we decided to go after certain types of Landscapes related to the mood we were in every day. We travelled among Sunflower fields and high mountains. We visited a lake set between  tall pines that looked just like the towers From The Lord of the Rings, can you imagine? I’m sending you a picture of that Place, it was incredible!  I’ll tell you More about my holidays after you’ve told me something about yours, fair enough? Write soon! A hug and lots of kisses.

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