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 hablar sobre un libro:The book that I like and which I read recently is the book of Quixote, is an interesting book in which they continue the adventures that the protagonist is suffering with his friend Sancho Panza during a time until in the end Protagonist dies .un viaje reciente. The last recent trip I have done is Jaén specifically Linares, what I call the attention is the gardens so great and with the sources as clean as the monuments that has as the bullring or the museum of rafael, in addition people are very friendly. bob espoja :The popularity of SpongeBob comes from his way of being in the way he relates to his friends and also because of the colors so striking that he has the same as the place where he lives. His work as a cook and the fights he has With his friend and neighbor also make it interesting. los videojuegos. Children today makes a bad use of video games because they only think that there is that world, many of these children have no relationship with any friend or go out, video games are a mode of entertainment and that children do not They know how to understand. película favorita:My favorite movie is grease since the musical style movies are more entertaining and favor, the history of a pija girl and a neighborhood boy I find interesting and especially the end when she changes.

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