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1. Present + will + present
2. Past + would + infinitive
3. Past perfect + would + have + past participle

Modals; (+ past participle)
Should have --> hubiera deseado q pase
Needn't have --> no necesitaba q pase, pero paso
Must have --> paso
Can't have --> no pudo haber pasado
Could / may --> posible q paso, pero no se

should / ought to / had better
Can / be able to
Have to --> obligation q te pone otro

Would / used to + infinitive
Make / let + person + infinitive
Suggest + that + person + should
Would rather + person + to
Would preffer to
Have get + something + past participle

All of a sudden
At that moment
Breathe a sigh of relief
Day after day
Frighten someone to death
From that day o
From time to time
Go from bad to worse
In the end
It's strange but true
Never again
Rumor has it
Send shivers down someone's spine

(-) rather / a bit (+) entremely / really / very (++) absolutely / completely / totally

Alien, attack, castle, deadly, defeat, enemy, evil, fantastic, fascinated, flying saucer, ghost, haunted, horryfing, misterious, nervous, odd, spooky, take over, terrible, time machine, type, ufo, universe, world, weird, wicked
Computer-generated graphics, costume, designer, location, mask, script, set, story board

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