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you must go even if/even though

you must go whether you like it or not
but for that we would have been in time
otherwis, or else
provided that/providing that/ as long as
suppose mike is late=what if/what will happen if he is late
in case, on case of
this is my elder sister, further(lejos) any further(mas)
advers:less more older than, longer and longer, more and more tired
stronger:much far a lot a little more expensive
the faster you...The more..
this is the best can do, i tried my best
more...Than, its not as cheap as
I've never been to such a good party as that one
you paid more than i did, than i can
as cold as, not so/as cold as, not such an interesting as
twice as big as
half as much as
the same as
look sound smell taste+like
less expensive than the least expensive of
the sooner...The sooner, the richer you are the more..
harder and harder
i prefer watching tv to going out, prefer lemonade to coke
i'd prefer to eat in rather than go, he would prefer to leave rather than accept a pay cut i'd rather... Than stay here
whoever, whomever

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