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Tom Smith's story begins at Heathrow Airport, while he is waiting for his plane. He goes to Istanbul to visit his girlfriend, who works there. When he is reading the letter that his girlfriend sends him, a sudden voice asks him if he had ever been to Istanbul, this is how he knows Kemal who lives in Istanbul. The data is exchanged and both follow their own path, Tom to the place where he hopes to see Angela, his fiancee, and Kemal returns to his home.
Tom arrives at the hotel to wait for his girlfriend, but does not arrive, so he starts to worry. Three hours later than the agreed time, Angela still does not appear, so she goes home but there is no one there. As he cannot do anything, he goes to the hotel to rest, shower and calm down. The next day she goes to Angela's work, but she is not there either. He worries and asks his boss, who tells him that she has died in a car accident the previous week, but he claims to have seen her, so he starts a whole plot of entanglements, including the consulate, where Kemal helps him find the solution.
Then they discover that Angela's boss is a trafficker and has her kidnapped, but she is alive and well. They do a few things and manage to denounce them and save their fiancee. Everything ends well and Tom thanks Kemal for the help.

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