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in the future I think that work will not change much only that they will be adapted to the way of life of the time, for example architecture will have a more modern style respecting nature, the buildings of the future will be self-sufficient by incorporating facades green and large windows to reduce the consumption of light, in large cities such as France many architects already are devising skyscrapers that are self-sufficient as well as beautiful. 
Talking about the battle by making the highest skyscrapers will continue, already in places like Dubai projects are grasping to make over 5000 m high skyscraper
physics will charge more importance in future generations for the study of the space, there will be different branches of physics studying the universe, for example spatial mining which consists of catching satellites with abundant minerals worth a lot of money because of its high amount of mineral possessing even in satellites small space are abundant satellites with Platinum that its value exceeds the billions of euros. The space junk is another interesting career that can be studied. 
in the future it will invest much in the life expectancy of the people and their physical and mental well-being, engineering will also work with a great future. 
in my opinion works which have future are architecture, medicine, physics and engineering.

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