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 It was a hot summer day; I was at home alone as my Parents had gone shopping with my youngest sister and my eldest brother had Gone to the library to finish his Science project.

                Anyway, something terrible happened to me that day that I’ll never be able to Forget. I was rushing downstairs because I needed to use my dad´s laptop which He had left in the living room table when suddenly I lost my balance, Felt a sharp pain in my knee, fell down, bumped my head against the stairs and Lost consciousness for a few seconds.

                When I regained consciousness, I realized that I couldn´t move my leg as my Left knee was swollen and dislocated. Besides I was bleeding out for my nose. Luckily I was able to take my cell phone out of my pocket, dial 112 and ask for Help. A few minutes later an ambulance evacuated me to a Red Cross Hospital.

                As Soon as I was hospitalized a nurse clamed me down, checked my blood Pressure and gave me a pain killer. Then an x-ray technician take me To the x-ray room to x-ray my left knee. Lastly a doctor opened my Knee and finally gave me 15 stitches. Believe me or not that was the best day Of my life as I had to be in a wheel chair one month and I dedicated my free Time to read and now I’m crazy about every kind of books.

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