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Infectious They’re caused by pathogenic microorganisms and most are contagious Non-infectious  They include the rest of the diseases that can have different causes: degenerative, genetic or deficiency. They’re not contagious. An example is anemia. Acute They manifest quickly and last a short time, such as the flu. Chronic They manifest slowly and last a long time. An example is arthritis. Sporadic They affect a few people in the population, such as a heart attack. Epidemic They affect many people in a short period of time, such as cholera. Pandemic They affect many countries or even the entire planet, such as AIDS Endemic They’re common and exclusive to a specific region, such as malaria. Bacteria-tuberculosis, cholera Diphtheria protozoa-malaria sleeping sickness fungi-athletes foot virus-measles AIDS microbicidal microbiostatic sulphonamides 

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