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Germany was guilty of creating a tension, which Ended in war. The Franco-Prussian war was one of the most important wars, after The Napoleonic wars.

This war took place between France and Prussia With their allies between 1870 and 1871. Germany was uniting with Prussia and France wanted to join it. France begins to invade territory, but is forced to Retreat and ends with a defeat for France, which loses the regions of Alsacia And Lorena. The Prussians arrive in Paris and the second German empire is Proclaimed with King William first in 1888. In addition, France is obliged to Pay compensation of 5,000,000 francs. All this leads to the creation of a Powerful German empire, with great military and industrial potential. As well As the desire for revenge of the French. The German emperor fires Otto von Bismarck and refuses to renew the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia, as well as Isolating France. In this way William II helped to create an alliance between France and Russia, which became the basis of the future Triple enttente  (France, Russia and Great Britain) and on the Other hand the Triple Alliance (Germany, Hungary and Austria), starting the First World War and making Germany largely to blame.

Approach 2;

Germany, on the other hand, tried to stop the Spread of war. For example, Germany desperately tried to dissuade Russia from Mobilizing. We now know that Russia was the first power to be mobilized. Meanwhile on the other hand United Kingdom, increased its armament and Germany Felt threatened forcing them to increase their armament as well.

However, Germany severed its ties with Russia, Which created tension by allying itself with Great Britain and France. Germany Feels threatened, as the two countries are geographically close to each other.

In the Russo-Japanese war, Russia loses its Territories. Then Russia became interested in Serbia and Monte Negro among Others, making tension with Austria, an ally of Germany, which was also Interested in those territories.


In conclusion, Germany was not the only Responsible. But it was Germany's actions that led to the war. If you want to Blame someone, then you have to accept that a major part of that responsibility Lies with Germany and Austria-Hungary. But it is also fair to say that Russia And the United Kingdom, among others, also have a great responsibility. Russia In particular was waiting for an opportunity to wage war for themselves. It's Fair to say they didn't fire it, but they didn't stop it either. Just as France And the United Kingdom also motivated her to a large extent.

In conclusion, Germany is responsible for the First World War, but not the only one.

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