Theory of roman laws

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1->1e/2i/3h/4a/5j/6c/7g/8d/9b/10f///2->4d/5a/7c/8c/9c/12a/13c/14a/15a///6-He used the two consuls(that was a very powerful position and they only served for one year) against each other,and also they had to get re-elected and they voted for a dictator because Han had to get re-elected and they voted for a dictator because han was using the two councils against each other for his advantage. Also he used  a strategy to make the Roman people mistrust the dictator/4-Athens and Sparta were fighting against each other doing the peloponnesian wars.Philip II was the king of Macedonia and they took advantage of this fights for taking Greece.It repeats itself because R takes of over G while they are fighting over Alexander's death/8-They used the mob to manipulate the senators to get what they want,Sulla empleaded this to captured R and had himself in a talles as a dictator and passed several laws that boosted the size and strength of the senate, his strength ended senate and the Republic,but his actions set the table for rule by force,and in Rome C do the same using the military to get what he wanted,also both had loyal soldiers that were loyal to them and not decent and they were kind to the citizens,

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