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-Is an increase in the biomass of an ecosystem, or of one of the trophic Levels, per unit of surface area, or volume and per unit of time. Is a Measurement of the amount of energy in the ecosystem or trophic level.

 Production is a measurement of The flow of energy that travels through the ecosystem. It is measured in units Of biomass referring to tima, such as g/ha·year, mg/cm3·day, etc.).

It can be classified as:

ØPrimary production: amount of light energy established As primary biomass by photosynthesising organisms or the amount of light energy Transformed into chemical energy. There are 2 types:

oGross primary production: represents the food that is Available for heterotrophic organisms. The amount of organic matter synthesized By autotrophic organisms per unit of time, including that consumed by Respiration, the metabolism and reproduction.

oNet primary production: organic matter that remains After deducting respiration.

ØSecondary production: the amount of energy that has Been stored in the tissues of heterotrophic organisms. It can be classified Into gross and net production.

oGross secondary production: the percentage of the Total amount of food consumed that is assimilated.

oNet secondary production: the energy that remains Available for the following trophic level.

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