Where may you use a surveillance approach?

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entering  leaving outgoing
shifting altering complying
hampered constrained
suspended diverted
Tidal falling, rising, slack
getting closer, report at,
passing, overtake, approach
meet, is at anchor, parl,
div, conv. Proceed (ir), clear,
delayed, obstructing, heave up
forbidden, stand on, steer,
1) we'll let go 2)put x shackles
3) let go 4) leading, holding
5) walk back, switch, check
1')put windlass in gear
2')heave 3')anchor aweight
4')X shackler lesft 5')clear of w
6') anchor secured
1)'ll berth sb along side
2)send out headline
3)have heaving lines
4) use the bow lead
5) hease on breast line
6)slack away stern line
7)keep the springs tight
8)Make fast

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