Steps to war - aggression by japan, italy and germany 1931-1939

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The US:the birth of a new power:There was great territorial expansion in the US,until the country extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.This was known as westward expansion.The new territories were colonised by withe settlers,who came into conflict with the natives who inhabitated these regions.States in the south were in favour of slavery.In the north,slavery had alredy been abolished.Abraham Lincoln,was elected president in 1860.Eleven southern states seceded from the nation and created a confederacy.Congress began between the north and the south.The northen states won the war and slavery was abolished.The rise of imperialism:imperialism is the policy of extending a country's domination over other regions.The conquering country is called the mother country,and the territories it acquires are its colonies.Around 1870,a new phase in the expansion of imperialism began when imperial powers rapidly took control of territories around the world.Britain and France were the pioneers of imperial expansion,but they were soon joined by Germany,Italy,Belgium,Russia the US and Japan.Economic and demographic factors:Industrialisation.European countries looked for areas in wich they could invest capital for a grater profit than they recived in tha mother country,obtain cheap raw materials and sell their industrial products.The new colonies were ideal for these purpose.Migration.Population grew during the Industrial Revolution,but there was not enough work for everyone.The transport revolution made migration easier.

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