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the early modern age began the 1453 with the fall of constantinople and ended with the french revolution in 1789. From the 15th century it notice a recovery because of

- the increase in agricultural products conserving the three-field system that consist in cultivating only 2 pieces of land and one left. 
- intensified commercial activity because there was a surplus of food so they start selling it in the market of the city. Merchants and traders established trade routes.
-the expansion of craftsmanship which were controled by guilds. (associations of craftsmen) domestic system was created because they start making products in home.
-Due to the new explorations new products arrived to europe
-the development of mercantile capitalism: money was part of privet owners, who create trading companies.
-Providing loans. Bankers lent money in eachange for returning the same amount plus an additional coast. The medici and the fugger where the most important banking families. They played a vital role in the new system (mercantile capitalism)
- Creating new forms of payment: the bill of exchange was created. Is a document that garantizice that the banker would pay a merchant.
1.2. Economis prosperity resulted in a increase of the population and a decrise in the number of big epidemics, cities grew.
PRIVILAGE: nobility and clergy.
UNPRIVILAGE: the peasants and the bourgesie( upper and petite).
some socials groups protested usually the peasants their revolt suppressed.
2. Monarchs had more resources and so they became more powerful ans were able to reform the existing institutions and create new ones.
monarchs form powerful armies of mercenaries: the bureocracy which was composed of officials:the centralised power by creating new institutions to serve them and the monarchs established a court or permanent seat for these new institutions. The new politicalorganisation organisitation which emerged as a result of these reforms is call the modern state. The most powerfull monarchies were the spanish( isabel 1 decastilla Fernando II, the portuguese, the french (louis xI, FRANCIS I Carlos V AND hEnry IV), the english( Henry VIII) and russian. 

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