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CHARLES IV: He stopped enlightened reforms, Napoleon offered Manuel Godoy to be king of Portugal if they join French against Portugal. Treaty of Fontainebleau, Spain And France agree on invading Portugal but French army occupied Spain and Spanish people rose up (motín de aranjuez) He deposed Godoy and abdicated in favour of Ferdinand.

JOSEPH I BONAPARTE: Napoleon called Charles and Ferdinand to Bayonne where they were Retained, and got the Spanish crown to his brother. Spanish people neither and Rose up. He was a reformer supported by moderate liberals (afrancesados). Napoleon gave Spanish a constitution but they did not accept it.

INDEPENDENCE WAR AND SPANISH LIBERAL REVOLUTION: Every province organized a Defense Board (Junta) Regular army got English help and also people made up guerrillas( attack French By surprise. CORTES DE CÁDIZ was the starting point of our bourgeois Revolution, they approved 1812 Constitution abolishing  Ancien Régime(called Pepa because was done the Day of Jose) People’s sovereignty, separation of powers and civil rights, even The right  to vote for all men aged 25 or More, and the freedom of printing.

FERDINAND VII, THE DESIRED: was a disaster, his reign three periods: 1 as an absolute King2 a coup d’état led by general Riego (He lies and calls the Holy Alliance for Help. The French 100.000 Saint Louis’ sons invade Spain) 3: again as absolute King. He had two daughters so he abolished the Salic law, his brother Charles did Not accept it and the 1charlist war started.

ISABELLA II: Her mother first and later general Espartero were regents, liberals divided in Moderate party(bourgeoisie) and Progressive party(urban class) first Industrialization, very located in Basque Country, Catalonia and Madrid. Education situation pathetic.

THE REVOLUTIONARY SIX-YEAR PERIOD: The Glorious revolution sent her to exile, Amadeo Of Savoy was elected. Prime Minister Prim was killed, carlists came into war again (3one) so he resigned. REPUBLIC was proclaimed, it last 11months and had 4 Presidents. It ended with a coup by general Pavía(entered in the parliament with Horses and the guardia civil)

ALFONSO XII  AND MARIA CHRISTINA,THE RESTORATION: Bourbon’s monarchy restoration was due to a military action (a coup of General Martínez Campos) and political: CÁNOVAS (moderate, conservative) reached an agreement With SAGASTA (progressive, liberal) to share the power by turn and to approve a Moderate and ambiguous Constitution, every election they vote the other and vice Versa.  Developed the man suffrage Universal. Problems: excluded parties, Catalonia and Basque Country’s nationalism end of colonial empire

ALFONSO XIII AND Primo de Rivera’S DICTATORSHIP: Spain was the 1 to lost its empire, two New leaders, Maura (conservative) and Canalejas (liberal) they were assassinated An replace by Dato(conservative) and Romanones( liberal), Barcelona’s Tragic Week was a people’s revolt against compulsory mobilization of reservists to go To war in Morocco, because only poor people went there . Maura’s government Crashed it with army. Triple crisis(military more wages, political cat parl wanted Autonomy and social strikes)Annual disaster 10.000 in the north of Morocco led Primo de Rivera stage a coup, which end with the New York crashed, republic was Establish and 2 years later Franco made a coup.

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