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3. The 2 sector in Spain. Mining and energy. 20% popu. 3.1 Mining prod: it has lost importance. -Metallic minerals:are hardly mined anymore.However rising prices encouraged some lead,nickel,gold mines to reopen. -Industrial: are used sea salt and quartz. -A range of different types of stone:used in construct. And decorative purposes. 3.2Energy prod: Hydraulic energy, wind, solar,biomass energy. Nuclear energy were coal is mined from. Petroleum prod. And natural gas are insignificant. 3.3Energy consumption: Non-renewable energy sources as crude oil and gas which have to be impiorted. Crude oil is brought from the Middle East and Nigeria. Natural gas is used to produce electricity or heat. Uranium is also important. 3.4 Energy self sufficiency: Relationship between energy prod. And cons. Results in limited of self sufficinecy, leds to high expenditure by energy imports and supplier countries. Energy policy reduces cons. And increase cons. By renewable sources. 4The 2 sector in spain. Industry and its location: 4.1The industrial sectors:-Trad. Sectors are shipbuilding,textile,leathe and shoe and furniture. -Dynamic sectors automobile,chemical, food prod. Prod is high, domestic and international demand is high. 4.2Industrial regions: -Madrid and Barcelona important Spain. -Indust. Areas linear concentration of indust. Installations, which have emerged along the main transport route. -Cantabrian coast is along established area of industrialisation, undergone crisis. -The rest of the peninsular territory, 2 archipelagos Ceuta and Melilla very little industrial activity.

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