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- These revolutions were more extensive, greater participation and more radical. 

-They started in France where Louis Philippe had to abandon the throne, the French Second Republic was proclaimed, a constitution was implanted establishing universal male suffrage. -The bourgeoisie was scared of everything the liberals demanded (more rights, popular sovereignty, social equality), put out the revolutions and implanted a conservative liberalism. THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE REVOLUTIONS

1Liberalism was adopted in many countries of Western European.

 Constitutions were granted where male censitary suffrage was recognized. 

Serfdom was abolished in all countries of central and eastern of Europe, except in mailenolten bno maileedil Russia 

The bourgeoisie was the winner, becoming conservative and defender of order.

The popular groups were defeated because they did not achieve their objectives, but they learned to organize to confront the bourgeoisie and defend the created state.

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