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lisa hasnt spoken to the courier/harry and peter havent had breakfast yet/we havent called tim/you havent ever been in the departament/they havent improved the advertsiting campaign/the company hasnt promoted debra to supervisor. Lisa no ha hablado con el mensajero/harry y petter no han desayunado todavia/no hemos llamado a tim/nunca has estado en el departamento/no han mejorado la campaña publicitaria/la empresa no ha ascendido a debra a supervisora.Mrs smith hasnt dealt with the customers for six months/your friends havent finished yet/we havent requested a quote for the adverts/mrs gardener hasnt complained about the delay/they havent cheked in yet.I used to go play in the park/i didnt used to play tennis/i didnt used to eat paella/i used to watch tv on fridays.The client was put on hold and then complained/the product was damaged never you sent us the product/there has been a fire in the warehouse i work there yet/i will never forget the day i met you at the disco/i enjoyedthe public relations event we went to last month.Sent/hasnt booked/did sound/have you decide/ havent imported 

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