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Population: group of people who live in a territory or a placeat particular moment in time

Megalopolis: Group of cities that are linked together by a transport network

Natural movements of the population: refer to the natural process of life b and m rates, as well as the difference between the two (natural increase)

Birth rate: total number of births per 1000 inhabitants (%o) that occur during a year in a particular place.

Death rate: total number of deahts per 1000 inhabitants that occur in a year in a particular place

Natural increase: is the difference between biths and deaths

Life expectancy: describes how long a person may live in years. It's an indicator of a country's quality of life.

Migrations: is the movement of people from their native countries to other places

Child mortslity rate: the number of chioldren in their first year of life, per 1000 inhabitants that have died

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