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Present perfect 
Afirmativaforma contraida
I have visited‘ve visited
You have visited‘ve visited
he/she/it has visited‘s visited
we/ you/they have visited‘ve visited

Present perfect 
Negativa forma contraida
I have not travelledhaven’t travelled
You have not travelledhaven’t travelled
He/she/it has not travelledhasn’t travelled
We/you/they have not travelledhaven’t travelled
 Afirmativanegativa interrog.
Present simplei watchi don’t watchdo i watch
Preset continuosYou’re coughingYou’re not coughingare you coughing
Past simplei livedi didn’t live did i live
Past countinus you were playingyou weren’t playigwere you playing
Present perfecti have paintedi haven’t paintedhave i panted

 Afirmativanegativa interrog.
Present continuosi’m leavingi’m not leavingAre you leaving
WillWe’ll visitwe won’t visitwill we vistit
Be going toi’m going toi’m not going toAre you going to 

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