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Grammar: future tenses
FUTURE CONTINUOUS: will+be+verb -ing = action that will be in progress in the future.
FUTURE PERFECT: will+have+verb third column = an action that will be finished or not in the future.
FUTURE SIMPLE: will+infinitive = spontaneous decission, an offer, a promise, a prediction.
BE+GOING+TO = intention or desire.
PRESENT SIMPLE: timetables.
PRESENT CONTINUOUS: arrangements or something organized.
Future time

present simpleI like ice creamShe said (that) she liked ice cream.
present continuousI am living in LondonShe said (that) she was living in London.
past simpleI bought a carShe said (that) she had bought a car OR She said (that) she bought a car.
past continuousI was walking along the streetShe said (that) she had been walking along the street.
present perfectI haven't seen JulieShe said (that) she hadn't seen Julie.
past perfect*I had taken English lessons beforeShe said (that) she had taken English lessons before.
willI'll see you laterShe said (that) she would see me later.
would*I would help, but..”She said (that) she would help but...
canI can speak perfect EnglishShe said (that) she could speak perfect English.
could*I could swim when I was fourShe said (that) she could swim when she was four.
shallI shall come laterShe said (that) she would come later.
should*I should call my motherShe said (that) she should call her mother
might*I might be lateShe said (that) she might be late
mustI must study at the weekendShe said (that) she must study at the weekend OR She said she had to study at the weekend

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