Simple past grammar

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Pre.Simple: Jane sends letters     Letters are sent by jane
Pre.Continuous: Jane is sendings letters   Letters are being sent by Jane
Past.Simple: Jane sent letters    Letters were sent by Jane
Past.Continuous: Jane was sending letters   Letters were being sent by Jane
Pre.Perfect: Jane has sent letters   Letters have been sent by Jane
Past.Perfect: Jane has sent letters   Letters had been sent by Jane
Future "will": Jane will send letters  Letters will be sent by Jane
Future "be going to": Jane is going to sent letters  Letters are going to be sent by Jane

Additive=Aditius  Amount=Quantitat  Calorie=Calories 
Carbohidrates=Carbohidrats   Fat=Gordura   Fibre=Fibra 
Mineral=Minerals   Nutrient=Nutrients   Preservative=Conservants
Protein=Proteines   Serving=Racions   Vitamin=Vitamines

Rest=Relax   Stop working=Trencar-se   Repair=Reparar
Permorm=Realitzar   Boost=Augmentar   Taken=Absorvir
Uses up=Consumir   Think about=Proces   Let go=Deixar anar

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