Simple past grammar

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Present simple (I go/ he doesn’t go/ do you go?)
Present continuous (I am playing/ he isn’t playing/ are you playing?)
Present perfect simple (I have worked/ he hasn’t worked/ have you worked?)
Present perfect continuous (I have been waiting/ he hasn’t been waiting/ have you been waiting?)
Past simple (I walked/ he didn’t walk/ did you walk?)
Past continuous (I was studying/ he wasn’t studying/ were you studying?)
Past perfect simple (I had arrived/ he hadn’t arrived/ had you arrived?)
Past perfect continuous (I had been cooking/ he hadn’t been cooking/ had you been cooking?)
Future simple (I will invite/ he won’t invite/ will you invite?)
Future perfect simple (I will have lost/ he won’t have lost/ will you have lost?)
Future continuous (I will be doing/ he won’t be doing/ will you be doing?)
Be going to (I am going to eat/ he isn’t going to eat/ are you going to eat?)
1 condicional (if+present simple/future simple o imperative o modal+base form)
2 condicional (if+past simple/would o could + past participle)
3 condicional (if+past perfect simple/would have o could have + past participle)
Present simple (uses—is used)
Present continuous (is using—is being used)
Past simple (used—was used)
Past continuous (was using—was being used)
Present perfect simple (has used—has been used)
Past perfect simple (had used—had been used)
Future simple (will use—will be used)
Modals (should use—should be used)
Modal perfect (may have used—may have been used)
Have to (has to use—has to be used)
Be going to (is going to use—is going to be used)

Modales—can/be able to/can’t/could/may,might/should/need to/have to/

must/mustn’t/don’t have to/needn’t/would
Modales perfectos— could have/ can’t have/ may have/ must have/ should have shouldn’t have/ would have
Reported speech
Present simple (cooperates—cooperated)
Present continuous (is cooperating—was coperating)
Past simple (cooperated—had cooperated)
Past continuous (was cooperating—had been cooperating)
Present perfect simple (has cooperated—had cooperated)
Present perfect continuous (has been cooperating—had been cooperating)
Past perfect simple (had cooperated—had cooperated)
Past perfect continuous (had been cooperating—had been cooperating)
Future simple (will cooperate—would cooperate)

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