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Hi Kelly!
I´m so excited you´re coming to visit at the weekend! I´ve planned a lot of things for us to do around Torrevieja.
On your first day, we go to breakfast at the chocolatier "Valor", when we finish we go to the shopping center and eat at the restaurant of your choice, in the afternoon we go for a walk to the lagoons of the Mata and have dinner at an Italian restaurant where I ate very well a year ago,  it is located in the port of Torrevieja, when we finish we will take a walk and see all the boats going to be an exciting walk.
On your second day, I can only say that you bring your swimming costume, let's go eat at the restaurant "El Muelle" near my house and the beach, in the afternoon we'll go with my friends to the movies, to finish watching the movie will play to the bowling alley.
Looking forward to seeing you! torrevieja is fantastic, I'm sure you won't to be bored for a minute.

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