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Unit 4
5. staring, surrounded, to post, breathing, to raise, solving, fire
6. having been, for being, to be, having been, to be, not being
7. 1. Do you know any worth seeing? 2. I have no idea why. 3. Unfortunately, I haven't found any you'd find interesting. 4. But I think he might if you ask. 5. I can't remember where.
8. a, an, the, a, the, -, -, The
Unit 5
6. 1. All Patrick had on him was a small amount of money 2. Hard though it was to get a ticket for the balloon ride. Jo managed to get one eventually. 3. It was an old treasure map that lay at the bottom of box. 4. Frobisher's ship did reach the its home port despite all the hardships. 5. What the astronauts did was carry out a number of experiments in space. 6. The reason why the yachtsmen failde to finish the race was the poor weather conditions. 7. The place where Columbus was born was a city on the coast of what is now Italy. 8. What surprised us was how well organized the expedition was.
7. 1. No sooner had we boarded the ship than we saw Frobisher. 
2. On the deck stood the captain, looking magnificent 
3. So tall was he that the ship's crew looked childlike next to him 
4. Scarcely had we had enough time to find our bunks before we were expected on deck. 
5. What Frobisher commanded us to do was clean the deck. 
6. All we did for the rest of the day was clean and scrub.
7. The thing I remember was the pain in my shoulders
8. The truth is that I wanted to sleep for a week
8. 1. had they left town when 2. significant was her discovery that 3. did he take part, but 4. when they saw land did 5. stood my father waiting 6. was their dispair that they 7. had anybody treated Julie 8. did the islanders know that

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