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1. Could-will have to-wanted-look after

2. Katie complained about not knowing how to do her homework
My mum suggested me  to speak to Alice about the party
I replied that I  had already spoken to her
The coach advised him to join the gym.
3.Peter asked me if I liked Xmas shopping.
Lola asked  her boyfriend if he had decided where to go on Friday.

My friend asked me how tall my brother was.

My dad asked us who wanted some chocolate.

4. “I’m happy living on my own” Dad told me.

“When will you do your homework?” The teacher asked me last week.
“I can’t meet you that night” I told him
“Meet your friend after school” Martha reminded me
5. help- hadn’t given´-won’t go- Will you sponsor me?
6. would win- I don’t go- wouldn’t have ridden-will feel
7.As long as long as we don’t act now, it won’t be too late

I would help the disabled children after school if I didn't have so much homework

They’ll take the train provided that the tickets aren’t too expensive

They won’t join the volunteer project unless someone asks them

8. had had-would help-had-would have

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