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2) 1)volunteer project 2)high school seniors 3)cancer research 4)terrorist attack 5)social media 3) 1)looking forward 2)packed 3)booked 4)hitchhiking 5)got 6)set 7)head 8)check 9)miss 10)delay 4) 1)had just finished 2)were written 3)cann´t be 4)who lives 5)if she would 5) 1)don´t do 2)had told 3)will die 4)would have gone 5)will miss 6)were 7)is good 8)wanted 9)had tried 10)will go 6) 1)invited/would go 2)doesn´t have to/will go 3)had got/wouldn´t hve missed 4)had/would 5)am late/will meet 7) 1)cycling 2)swimming 3)to stay 4)learning 5)to ask 8)1)making 2)to pass 3)to be 4)being 5)sppeaking 6)studing 7)to go 8)studing 9)doing 10)becoming  9) 1)D 2)C 3)A 3) 1)monoliths 2)formed 3)native 4)discover 5)decreasing 6)gradually 

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The school