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- Elaboration and receipt of orders:
Typically orders are received through the transport.
You must guide the carriers set up the site, which should be free and clean for download. The stock is kept in stock and the commodity is introduced in the software stocks, to know that it is already available and can enter into the following production process or distribute directly.

3.3.GESTIÓ store
Then divide this function is necessary in order processing and stock management, which determines the levels of materials required for the functioning of the productive process and appreciates all that is in the store.
Since the demand of clients and their timing, coming to store information from customer orders that arrive or elaborates the sales department, responsible for notifying the store needs to purchase the company. The new supply is very important to maintain at least a minimum stock in the warehouse.

The objectives of sales plan are:
1 .- Sell an amount determined by reference to the estimated demand
2 .- To achieve a specific market share, the company seeks a market positioning
3.-profits and profitability
4 .- Image Building

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