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- PAST SIMPLE: (consecutive Actions in the past/ the main events in a story)

He got up and Left the room. (se levantó y Salió de la habitación) They didn´t like the Picture so they didn´t Buy it (no Les gustó el cuadro así que no lo compraron.

- PAST PERFECT (talk About and action which happened before the specifit time in the past When the main events of the story happened)

When I arrived at the station the train had Left. (Cuando Llegué a la estación, el tren se había ido) She didn´t realize That she hadn´t Locked the Door. (No se dio cuenta de que no había cerrado la puerta)

- PAST CONTINUOUS (describe A longer, continuous past action was in progress when another action Happened ‘set the scene’)

When I woke up this morning, It was raining and My brother was already Having breakfast (cuando desperté esta mañana estaba lloviendo y mi hermano ya Estaba desayunando) While I Was trying to Listen to the news the children started fighting. (Mientras Trataba de escuchar las noticias, los niños comenzaron a pelear.

- PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS: (longer Continuous action that was going on before the specific time in the Past when the main event of the story happened)

It Was exhausted because I´d Been working all Day. (Estaba agotado porque había estado trabajando todo el día). She went to the doctor because she Hadn´t been felling well. (Ella fue al médico porque se había sentido bien

THIRD CONDITIONAL: (to speculate about something that happened in the past And how it could have been different)


If I had seen you, I would have stopped (Si te hubiera visto hubiera Parado)

If We hadn´t been so tired, we wouldn´t have left the party so early. (si no hubiéramos estado cansados, no nos hubiéramos ido tan pronto De la fiesta)

SECOND CONDITIONAL: condición hipotética o poco probable.


If You really loved me, you would buy me a diamond ring. 

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