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Europe was divided into 2 alliances. These were called the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance.Members of each Alliance promised to Fight for the other members if they were attacked. It would only take a small Only take a small incident to spark a war that involved the whole of Europe.

Germany had been trying to build up her navy and her empire. Britain was worried about this. Both countries raced each other to build the Best navy. There was tensión between the 2 countries. This cause was militarism.

The área south and south- east of Austro-Hungary was known Nas the Balkans. This whole área was very unstable. The European Alliances had Different ideas how to deal with the problems

France was keen for revenge on Germany. The French had been Defeated in 1871 and wanted their land back! They said it had been stolen from Then by Germany.

  • ? The mistrustbetween the Grat Powers manufactured new Weapons, built warships and strengthened their armies

  • Why is the 1est World War considered to be an example of Total war? Because involved so many countries and people in that.

a)In this picture we can see a a French with many  soldiers who are hidden and prepared to shoot To the enemy in case they attack

b)I can see a trench with soldiers, the most poort of the Soldiers but there is one who is guarding

c)I can see a destroyed tank, some soldiers die and other Walking in the battefield.

d) In this picture i can see the most common disease which Was fungal infection in the feet  and to Cure him their toes are cuted.

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