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4. Jack gets up/ got up|mary has finished/ meet|james fell/was reading| i have been/ went| when we arrived/ had finished| i will talk/happened | when i visit/ will meet..5. Excited am getting| obviusly didnt study| maybe will talk | look willl rain | ann got had finished | i cant havent seen.. 6. Was watching/ watch television | havent been seen marck / didnt see | goes to the beach/ went to the beach | did you do/ you havent done | is rainning heavily/ was rainning hevily | is getting dark/ got darkdark2

4.Baby is sleeping | have you lived | i am not going | usually visit | what was she wearing | you will like | teacher handed out | hope havent eaten..6. Have been| have lived | adopted | named | were training | got married | had | had been | got divorced | had seen 

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