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1.In Japan plastic from landfill sites gets into the sea and kills 10.000 fish each year.

2.The Zabaleen take away rubbish from People who live in Cairo.

3.In Senegal people use old paper to wrap bread and fruit.

4.People in India think cows are special animals.

5.New Zealand has Got some interesting ideas about...

6.The best recycling State in the USA Is California.

7.If you are driving around Germany, you will see recycling bins at All shopping places.

8.In Switzerland recycling is free but throwing away your rubbish is Expensive.

9.Finland pays People to recycle their bottles and cans.

10.You cannot bring plastic bags into Zanzibar.

11.Gardeners Like to make compost from bits of old fruit and vegetables.

12.Shakespeare’s father was punished for throwing rubbish into the street in 1515.

13.Restaurant owners gave American students used vegetable oil for their bus.

14.Andy Goldsworthy makes works of art from Stones, leaves , and sticks.

15.Yoshiyuki Ymahatsu makes pictures from old telephone cards.

16.Jeff Clap Makes bells from old oxygen bottles (Everest).

17.Shigeru Ban Made buildings out of recycled paper.

18.The government of Athens first told people to take their rubbish outside the city walls.

19.The UK government in 1848 made a law called the public health act.

20.People in Italy use money from selling old computers to teach people about recycling.

21.8 billion Plastic bags used in Uk each year.

22. In the USA each person throws away 14 kilo of rubbish each week.

23.The earliest landfill sites were Probably made in 3000 BC.

24.Greeks put more than 90 per cent of their rubbish into Landfill sites.

25.Switzerland only puts 7% of its rubbish into landfill sites.

26.Austria recycles 64% of its rubbish .

27.In a landfill site 40 per cent of the rubbish is paper.

28.The USA uses The most paper.

29.100.000 turtles die each year because of eating plastic bags.

30.In the UK 15 million mobile phones are sold every year.

31.In 1995 Shigeru Ban made a building Out of recycled paper.

32.In 2006, visitors to the Ideal Home show could visit …

33.In the UK today people buy a new Mobile phone every 18 months.

34.In Afghanistan the government didn’t allow people to buy satellite Dishes.

35.Clear Glass was first made in Iraq.

36.In july 2000 a hill of a rubbish Fell down in Manila.

37.In Tokyo Hirohyko Fukushima has made pots of recycled paper .

38.The people of Canberra planned to recycle all their rubbish in 2010.

39.Since 2002 the Irish government has made shoppers pay for plastic bags.

40.Freecycle started in 2003.

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