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Wi-Fi is a way to get broadband Internet to a device using wireless transmitters and radio
signals.Once a transmitter receives data from the Internet, it converts the data into a radio signal that 
can be received and read by devices enabled to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi was invented and first launched
for consumers in 1997. Many years ago a few people use the internet because version of Wi-Fi
it´s pretty slow but now everybody is able to use it because is a lot of better than the older.
Now a days Wi-Fi is an invent which all types of electronic devices are used to use it.
Thanks to Wi-Fi we are able to have immediate and simultaneous communication and
simultaneous information which before it we couldn´t know.A cause of this invention 
the z generation are use to send messages or emails simultaneous,connect 2 devices to work  
at the same time or search anything what do you want on different browsers.  

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