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- a type of promotion where a company/ brand is linked to an event, / where a themed activity is developed for the purpose of creating experiences for consumers and promoting product / service

- is the process of developing a themed exhibit, display,/ presentation to promote a product, service, cause or org leveraing in person engagement.

- marketing, branding, advertising, promotions, publicity, pr

measuring sales, increase in the sales of goods& services during/after the event, which is the most typical form of return-on-investment (ROI) for most sponsor, Also track the increase in distribution channels, better positioning at point-of-sale displays, produce new leads in their respective markets or increase in volume of sales.

brand exposure, have a pre-event level of branding to compare to the level of awareness both during & after the event–this type of measurement is used for sponsors with a long-term commitment to the event and is done over a few event cycles –sponsor needs clearly defined goals in terms of amount & percentage of increase in brand awareness & attitude toward the brand.

sponsors can also measure the amount of mediacoverage that the event generates by tracking the amount of time the event has exposure on radio & TV , as well as column inches or the number of pages in newspapers and magazines, number of clicks/web visits from event webpages, Compare the value of this kind of media exposure as opposed to buying exposure from the media outright. Positive mentions / negative mentions,Type of coverage –interviews, frontpagecoverage, primetime news etc.

Use incentive programs to motivate employees ,Describe in glowing terms, the rewards and venues/destinations- Emphasise the monetary value of the prize or trip, Clearly prescribe the levels of achievement necessary, Identify timelines and deadlines, Always remind employees where the benefits are coming from –the CORPORATION is rewarding its own for good work, well done (and creating employee loyalty)

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