Principles of Flight

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Nonagression pact: nations promise not to attack another

Blitzkrieg:"lightning war" a form of warfare surprises attack with fast-moving followed by massive attacks. 
Battle of Britain:battles between German and British air forces fought over Britain air forces, fought over Britain. 
Atlantic charter:declaration of principles.
Isoroku Yamato:Japan's greatest naval strategist attack of the U.S. Fleet in Hawaii.
Pearl harbor:american sailor
Battle of Guadalcanal:allied troops drove Japanese forces from the pacific islands.
Battle of Midway:sea and air battle American defeat Japanese forces in central pacific. 
Aryan:detoning a people speaking and European language 
Holocaust:The systematic mass slaughter jews and others groups judge as inferior.
Final solution:Hitler soon plans impotent as the final solution when the genocide became official.
Genocide;the systematic murder of people.
Battle of Stalingrad:ww2 German forces were defeated in their attempt capture the city. 
D-Day:the day on which the allies began their invasion of European main land.
Kamikaze:japanese suicide pilots trained to sink allied ship by crashing bomb filled plans.
Battle of the Bulge:Allied forces turned back the last major German offensive.

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