Principles of Flight

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astronomer,events organizer,fashion buyer,film producer,firefighter,florist,journalist,pilot,radio dj,sales assistant,veterinary nurse,yoga instructor.

be ill,book a hotel,buy souvenirs,explore a new place,forget your passport,get sunburned,go abroad,have an accident,hire a car,lose your suitcase,meet new people,miss a flight,send a postcard,apply,career,charity,office,work experience,cabin crew,check in,delayed,long  haul,on my way,cure,hunters,poison,tracks,tribe
i,you,we,they: have /havent done a variety of jobs
she,he,it :has/hasnt made a lot of money
question:have you flown a plane?Yes i have/no i havent
has he found the ideal job?Yes he has /no he hasnt
ever and never,there has/have been

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