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Dear Uncle Joaquin,

Thank you very much for sending Me the FIFA 20 for my birthday. It’s amazing-you remember that is my favorite game.

I had an extraordinary day.My family has been congratulating Me all day. Then I went with my cousins ​​to play footballin The evening I opened my parent’s present – it was a ball from The Champions League. And in the afternoon I went to the shopping centre for buy a lot of Clothes.

I’m looking Forward to seeing you at the weekend.



-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In my review, I compared three football teams: Real Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern Munich. Everyone plays very well in both attacking and defending. Real Madrid is a dominant team of young football promises. The truth is that it is nice to see them play. Bayern Munich is a team that is based on players that other important teams give. Like Coutinho, James Rodríguez,etc. The Liverpool is another team that you can find 5 of the best players thanks to money because it has a very bad young players, they also have a somewhat strange form to play.

In my opinion, the Real Madrid is a good team because they have a very good youngs players and old players and the other teams don’t. The Bayern Munich is for me the worst team of this three because they don’t have nationals players and they bought this players from other German teams. 

In conclusion, I think to the Real Madrid is the best team because of what I’ve said before.

A greenhouse gas (GHG) is an atmospheric gas that absorbs and emits 
radiation. This process is the fundamental cause of the greenhouse effect.
 The main gases in the Earth's atmosphere are water vapor, carbon dioxide,
 methane, nitrogen oxide and ozone.Due to this problem we must take action.
 What can we do?

When you go to buy electronics products, such as a Computer or a new TV, make sure they are energy efficient. In most countries it Is marked.

Insulate your home: the loss of heat through the Windows and exterior doors can increase your heating expenditure up to 20%, With the consequent increase in electricity consumption and, therefore, in the Emission of gases that cause the effect greenhouse.

Recycle everything you can. Separate garbage according To each type and try to reuse clothing or shoes. And, if any machine or Electronic device spoils it, move closer to a green spot to be treated Correctly.

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