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South carolina

Robert E.Lee, Stonewall Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart

Battle of fort Sumter, First battle of Bull Run, battle of Santa Rosa Island

Unión: Advantage: Economy
Northern States where in the middle of an industrial revolution at the time the Civil War broke out. They had a booming economy, organized banking, and easy access To supplies. Organized Government
Government In the Union was already established and experienced. This was a major benefit Because it was more difficult for the south to organize attacks and other Military strategies.

Disadv: High Pressure
A victory Was absolutely essential for the Union. Difference of Opinions
Not Everyone in the north wanted to abolish slavery. This caused men to be lost to The south, as well as battles to break out on home ground.

Cofnederacy: Advatages: Skilled Army
Values And life was very different in the north and the south..    Home Court Advantage
The Confederacy was defending their own backyards. They knew the terrain and land Extremely well which gave them a big upper hand.

Disadv: acked The Man Power
One of The biggest issues that the Confederacy faced was their lack of people.. Mass Amount Of Land To Defend
The coast Line along the southern states is very long

Confederates Capital located: Richmond,and Montgomery

Lincolns Goal: preserve the union

Main Reason for CW: economic and social Differences between north and south

Rifles, Submarines and telegraph

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