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Adequate: enough for some need or requirement

Apoplectic: very angry and excited

Articulate: able to express ideas clearly and effectively in speech or writing

Embellishment: something that is decorated by adding special details and features

Cynic: a person who has negative opinions about other people and about the things people do

Skint: having no money

Surly: Rude and unfriendly

Avuncular: like an uncle kind or friendly like an uncle

Contraceptive: a drug or device that is used to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant

Apathetically: not having or showing much emotion or interest

Derelict: a person who has no money, job, home, etc.

Ficticious: not true or real

Reiterated: Something you have already said in order to emphasize it

Monogamy: The state or practice of having only one sexual partner during a period of time

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