Past continuous without specifing moment

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be going to: plans, intentions, certain predictions (this evening, at 2 o'clock, tomorrow...) will: predicions, think, probably, quick decisions, offers, promises, uncertain predictions. F.C: will+be+v-ing: el que estara passant en un moment determinat del futur i que continuara, actividad que comienza en un presente y sigue progresando hasta las 6. F.P.S: will+have+3rdcolum (by/in), acció acabada en un moment del futur. 

Ability: can, can't, be able to. Permission: can, can't, may, may not. Possibility/Uncertainty: may, might, could be. Impossibility/Certainty: must, can't. Obligation: must, have to. Advice/Opinion: should, ought to, had better. PAST= HAVE+3rcolum

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