Past continuous without specifing moment

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Phrase in Direct Speech Equivalent in Reported Speech
Simple presentSimple past
  She said that she always drank coffee.
Present continuousPast continuous
"I am reading a book", he explained. He explained that he was reading a book
Simple pastPast perfect
"Bill arrived on Saturday", he said. He said that Bill had arrived on Saturday.
Present perfectPast perfect
"I have been to Spain", he told me. He told me that he had been to Spain.
Past perfectPast perfect
"I had just turned out the light," he explained. He explained that he had just turned out the light.
Present perfect continuousPast perfect continuous
They complained, "We have been waiting for hours". They complained that they had been waiting for hours.
Past continuousPast perfect continuous
"We were living in Paris", they told me. They told me that they had been living in Paris.
FuturePresent conditional
"I will be in Geneva on Monday", he said. He said that he would be in Geneva on Monday.
Future continuousConditional continuous
She said, "I'll be using the car next Friday".

She said that she would be using the car next Friday.
nowthen, at that time
todaythat day, on Sunday, yesterday
tonightthat night, last night, on Sunday night
tomorrowthe next day/ the following day, on Sunday, today
yesterdaythe day before/ the previous day, on Sunday
last nightthe night before/ the previous night, on Sunday night
this weekthat week, last week
last monththe month before/ the previous month, in May
next yearthe following year, in 2014
two minutes agotwo minutes before
in one hourone hour later

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