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Present Simple sempre - Igo to school everyday

Present Continuous ara/ temporalment - am talking in class


Present Perfect - in your life, past / present yet, still, just, already.

They have seen a movie.

They haven't seen the movie yet.

Past Simple - ed/ 2 nd col. Coses del passat, no heu de dir quan!!

yesterday, ago, last.

I went to shcool yesterday.

Past continuous en un moment del passat was talking in class

when the teacher explained.

Past perfect passat del passat.

They had seen a movie before I went home.

used to- solía, I used to ride a bike. JA NO HO FAIG!


Future simple - WILL - NO SEGUR! Incert! Acabo de



BE GOING TO + am / is / are + going to +verb


SEGUR en base...!

PRESENT cONTINOUS que hem quedat, cites

PRESENT sIMPLE - horaris


Will be+ ing - alguna cosa que passarà en un moment concret

del futur

Tomorrow at 10.00 we will be taking an exam.


will have+ past participle-- hauré fet en el moment que jo


in 2025 I will have taken the driving licence.

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