Past continuous without specifing moment

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Present Simpleè habitualm (always/never/sometimes/usually/

often/every day/once a week)


Present Continuosèara =(now/today/At this Moment /

Any Longer /Still /Still now /Even now/Any more /currently )


Past simpleè Yesterday/Last /Ago/In those days/One Day/Then/In 1980s

/ like this/In olden days/In early days /Today Morning… 


Past continuousèen progresso (WHEN past simple /WHILE past Continuous)


Present perfectèfor/since/just/already/ever/yet


Past perfectè(after/before/when)

-had + 3a

Futureè be goig to (planes) will (prediciones)

1 conditionalèif+present simple/will +inf

2 conditionalèif+past simple/would+inf

3 conditionalèif+past perfect/would have + 3a


Subject+ Verb+ Complements

My friend and me goèMy friends and I go

I like listen musicèI like Listening to music

You have twelve years oldèYou are Twelve years old


She is in holidayèshe is on holiday

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