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Mining Resources are raw materials that have a mineral origin, althought they can also Be for vegetable origin. They belong to the primary sector. Mineral resources Can be clasified as: -Industrial rocks:They are made up of 3 large groups: Energy rocks (coal, oil... Used to produce energy), Useful rocks (limestone, Marble... Used mainly in construction) and precious stones (diamond, emerald... Used in jewellery). -Minerals: They are classified as: useful minerals (iron, Copper...) Precious metals (gold, silver...) and strategic minerals (uranium, Coltan...). Coal is found in the basins next to the mountain ranges that were Formed some 300 million years ago, such as the Appalachians. Oil is found Mainly in the countries near the Persian gulf. The Gulf osf Mexico... And it is Often found in close proximity to natural gas. Spain has historically been a country with one of the richest traditions of mining (gold, silver, uranium, Mercury...) but today the mining industry has almost completely disappear. The Country with the most mineral resources is China, next is the United States and Next Australia. PRODUCING COUNTRIES AND CONSUMING COUNTRIES: Currently, every Country is trying to use its own energy sources in order not to depend on  the countries, however there is still great Global dependency to the producing countries of oil and natural gas. In order To control production and prices, the main all produces are grouped together  in OPEC (Organization of Petrulium Exporting Countries). Industry and construction belong to the secondary sector. Industry Transforms raw materials into manufactured products. Industry has evolved Quickly, this has involved 3 main stages: First industrial revolution: This Emerged at the end of the 18th century and was based on energy derived from Coal. The metal and textile industries were the most important industries at The time. Second industrial revolution: This was based on energy derieved from Oil and electricity. It ocurried between 1870 and 1970 and was marked by the Invention of the combustion engine and assembly line production. The industries Most affected were  the automobile, Chemicals, iron and steel and household appliance industries. Information and Automation revulition: in adition to oil, nuclear energy and new renewable Energy were used. Electronics, information tecnology and biotechnoly were used. Construction: construction provides housing, transport links and other Essential cpnstruction servicesfor a countryés habitant. It is an important Economic engine. Characteristics: smaller construction companies provide Essential services on a lesser scale, building individual houses and hueses States, office building and service buildings. Currently, construction has Grown beyond the needs of the population. This was called ´real state Bubble´meaning the existenceof a large number of houses at inflated prices that Cannot be sold. Construction and the landscape:construction is becoming more Innovative and using materials like glass, but particulary innovative is the Substantial urban development, which consists of 2 building models: Skyscrapers And individual family houses. 

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