In order to minimize the effects of crossing more than 3-4 time zones

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1.You should change cigarettes for chewing gums

2.Good morning
3.Excuse me,i´m loss, please can you tell me get to Pto Cruz
4.Good morning, i need to get some information about hight BW4339 to London for today
5.I´m tall wellbuilt, blonde, brown eyes, friendly, shy
6.Would you mind playing somewhere, else, please?
7.World there are many important news to spend are in the time in that yellow press
8.Try to "sacrificio de leyenda", its argument will surprise you wating
9.How is you daily like in your job?
10.I visited the big Eihy tower, the marvellans cathedral, the  Garden 
11.I recomed doing the shopping in mercadona because all the price are the chaparest
12.I have just arrived from Tenerife and my lenguage is lost, can you help me please?
13.Can i order a backed chicken whit potatoes on salud pleaase?/can i have/ i good like

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