Oral COmposition

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Oral Composition

Suggestions for written stage 
-T elicits story from SS and writes it on the board. SS copy. T monitors
- T writes up sotry with blanks in it for students to fill in. SS copy and complete it. T checks with whole group
- Some SS dictate while others are on the board writing. T check wtih whole group. Ss copy. 
- SS write the story in their notebooks (in pairs) T monitors, then SS go to the board and write. T checks with whole group
- SS may write the omposition with tehir own edning, one pair goes to the board to write. T checks with whole group-
Ss write a parallel story. T monitons. Ss go to the board to write their story, t check with whole group. Other pairs read out their stories. 

Whe OC?
For revision, further practise
To mix structures or patterms

Useful for 
Introduction to writing as it includes aspects os punctuation, capitals, dicsourse connectors, paragraphing
revies vocabulary or structure reviwe
Lot of ss participation
Nice and relaxed atmosphere

Think of level of SS, english they know, not use language abover their level,
Consider the type of ss, likes and dislikes. 
A clear build up is a must
Never a llow ss to wirte on oral stage
don´t let ss to enumerate sentneces 

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