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Type of Landing Pages: Subscription, long-copy, single-product, multi-product, lead-generation (A/B testing should be performed to test out different pages)

Landing Page Elements: Navigation, colors, buttons, images, trust symbols (Pro photos, great deign, guarantees, testimonials...), Forms (remove unnecessary fields, use CTA, make submission button stand out), Phone numbers

Conversion Rate Optimization:Equation

Other optimization factors: (discounts, promotions, limited time sales, new products, shipping offers, etc.) UX Tests: help ensure site is easy to use and has a seamsless experience, one of way of testing is using a focus group. Takeaway: Website needs to be as easy as possible

How analytics works: 1- user goes to URL, 2- server recieves request, loads data and passes info to data center (analytics) 3- data center store current and other requests, 4 -analytics package aggregates and organizes data.

Supplemental infoID of Requester, Timing of Request, , Navigation Source, Tech info, geography

Organizing data: Most analytics package allow a user to aggregate and organize data in several ways to find better insights.

Basic Metrics: Pageview, Visit, Visitor, Time on page, Entry, Exit

Calculated Metrics: Avg page depth (pageviews/vists) Avg visit duration (sum of time on page for every pageview) S bounce rate( % of all visits that consist of 1 page view) P bounce rate(% of visits that being on page that has one pageview) Entrance rate (% of visits that being on page) Exit rate (% of p-views that result in exit) Unique pageviews/visitors

Manual metrics: Destination, Duration, pages/screens per session, Event (After set-up we can track revenue, CR, and revenue/visitor)

Channel Analysis: sources of visits: org/paid search, disp ads, emails, social media, ext links, affil links. Segmentiation: Geo, new or returning?, timing, browser, screen size, device. Last click attribution is the most used method for search.

Email metrics: Open rate (20% avg) CTR  (3.5%), CR (3-5%) AVG order value, List Churn. Hard  bounce: (Fake email) Soft bounce (full inbox) non-open, TIPS: Use double opt-in,have unsubscribe and honor it. EdgeRank 1- affinity score, 2- edge weight, 3- time decay. Facebook goals: send ppl to ,  website, increase conversions, boost your posts, page likes, App installs, increase engagement

Virality formula

X=Pf*N*Pv (X = # of add video vies, Pf = % of reposters, N = # of people who see repost, Pv = % of ppl who watch reposted video)f

* N *

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