Migration africa to europe

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From Costantinople to China. It went through X,iam, Merv, Samarcand, Balkh... 

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Afganistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, France, Georgia.

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They were very familiar with all of Europe and the territories around tha Mediterranean and plack seas. They also Knew about India, China and Japan. The didn't know about most of

Africa, America, Oceania and Antartica.

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They discover new places because they tried to find new routes.

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Cartography (new maps), compass, astrolabe, quadrant, log, sandglass, caravel.

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The navigator Vasco de Gama was born in Sines, Portugal, in 1469. In 1498, he became the first European to reach India by sea. His expeditions of 1502 and 1524 followed the same route.

He was appointed the Portuguese Viceroy in India in 1524 but died of malaria in the same year.

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2 The coast of Africa; through the Indian Ocean to southern and eastern Asia; across the Atlantic to what is now Brazil.

3 Vasco de Gama was the first to reach India by circumnavigating Africa, sailing south through the Atlantic and past the Cape of Good Hope, through the strait of Madagascar and into

the Indian Ocean.

4 Pedro Álvares Cabral discovered Brazil accidentally in 1500 when his ship sailed too far west during an Atlantic voyage.


5 They wanted to find a route that was distinct from those used by Italian and Muslim traders in the Mediterranean. Their goal was the Asian trade in spices and silk .

6 1419: Madeira Islands. 1431: Azores. 1434: Cape Bojador. 1466: Cape Verde. 1460: Gulf of Guinea. 1482: River Congo. 1487: Cape of Good Hope. 1498: India. 1500: Brazil.

7 Portugal was a maritime trading power. It was more concerned about promoting trade than acquiring new territories.

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1 The Treaty of Tordesillas was signed by Portugal and Castilla in 1494, following Columbus’ first voyage. This established that all land west of a specific meridian (370 leagues west of the

Cape Verde Islands) belonged to Castilla, while all land east of it belonged to Portugal. However, this meridian crosses Latin America. The coast of Brazil (discovered by Portugal) is east of

the meridian and became Portuguese.

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